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REFLEXOLOGY AND Holistic THERAPIES IN Chester and Mobile services offered in Chester and surrounding areas.

Complimentary therapies are an amazing part of health and wellbeing and an essential part of self care. Every treatment i practice i have had myself from another practioner i fully understand what the benefits of the treatment and how it may improve your Health and Wellbeing

We need to ask ourselves what is important to us in this fast paced & busy world. We all know that Chronic stress may lead to health issues and that can have a massive impact on both our Physical and Mental Health Needs. We owe it to ourselves to look after ourselves and do what we can to improve our health and wellbeing

Welcome to Sunshine Holistic Therapies in Chester;

Holistic Therapies for Body and Mind and Introducing Wellness. A number of holistic treatments offered to promote relaxation, wellbeing and improve health and wellbeing

Holistic treatments are offered in a Tranquil Log setting in Chester.

Mobile services offered for those that have difficulties leaving there own home.

Fantastic reviews available please see Google and Facebook Page for further information

Offers available for New Customers buy 4 Treatments and get 5th Treatment free

For Regular Customers that visit from July 23 buy 6 Treatments and then get 7th free

Newsletter coming next with update on Courses available and New Treatments

For new customers from 20th November 23 the price for treatment is £30.00 per treatment

Registered with Federation of Holistic Therapists and have Professional Insurance.

Due to start coordinating meetings with the Federation of Holistic therapists for the Chester area. Dates are as followed


Recently completed courses on Crystal Reflexology, Hot Stone Reflexology, Reflexology in Stress Workshop

News & Updates

Attend Health and Wellbeing Fairs in the Chester and surrounding Cheshire areas at least twice a year

Undertake numerous events for Charity, most recent was for the Month of July where i took part in a challenge to Hula Hoop for 15 minutes each day, i successfully raised £190.00 for Macmillan Cancer Care

Continue to undertake Professional Courses and gain more knowledge and remain motivated to develop as a Professional Therapist in the interests of both myself and the customers

Information to be shared as followed

Welcome to Sunshine Holistic Therapies

Hello, my name is Tracey. I started receiving regular alternative therapies treatments such as reflexology on a regular basis after developing some health issues. I found by using Alternative Therapies this improved my overall Health and Wellbeing.

It was after this period I became interested in using alternative therapies and went on to undertake a number of courses and became a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and gained Professional Insurance. By being regulated this ensures that i have to maintain Continued Professional Development

I undertake a number of treatments such as Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Swedish massage, Crystal Facial, Crystal Healing both Foundation and Certificate level, Hot Stone Massage, Facial Reflexology, Hopi Ear Candling, an Holistic Neck Back and Shoulder Massage or Cold Stone Therapy. New Treatments include Hot stone Foot Reflexology and Functional Reflex Therapy and also workshops for Functional Reflex Therapy which benefits individuals with Autism, Dementia and People with communication problems and Learning Disabilities, other treatments include Maternity Reflexology which helps Mums to be

I have recently completed Chakra Ascension course both Level 1 and Level 2 and now looking forward to teaching Level 1 in Chakra Ascension (Further details to be announced)

I am due to undertake crystal and reflexology treatments (My Fave) (further information to be announced)

I am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and am fully insured.

I offer treatments from a tranquil setting in Chester area or provide a mobile service where individuals are housebound and are unable to leave there own home

The treatments I provide improve General Wellbeing and help us feel better about ourselves, they also aim to help to reduce stress and encourage wellness whilst optimising our health and wellbeing.

For new customers Purchase 4 treatments and get the 5th free

For regular customers who visit on either a weekly or monthly basis buy 6 treatments and get the 7th free

Receipts available for insurances Purposes

For individuals who refer 10% off after an individual has had there first treatment

Gift vouchers available to treat that special individual who deserves a treat, please dm for further information.

Please contact either via phone or email for further information.

New customers need to contact me initially and will then be able to book there appointment online after attending there first appointment

Prior to any treatment starting a Consultation form needs to be completed to ensure that it is safe for the Individual to undertake treatments. If you have any health concerns then i will ask you to seek consent from your GP

Parking on site.

Come and try any of the treatments you will not be dissapointed definetely improves wellbeing

If anybody knows anybody who looks after somebody and has little time for there selves and deserves a free treatment then please DM for further information

If further information is required regarding the treatments or you would like to discuss if the treatments may be beneficial to you then please contact me on 07729620446 or via email for an informal discussion many thanks

Cancellation policy in place

48 hours notice required to cancel treatments or in an emergency discreretion will be used. I appreciate that due to the health concerns of some individuals they may experience a change in health needs which makes them unable to attend there appointments. Rescheduled appointment will be offered where able

Payments via Bacs Transfer, Cash and Card Payments

Tranquil setting - where the treatments take place

The Benefits of Reflexology


Reflexology is a wonderful way of maintaining your body's healthy balance and general wellbeing, reducing the stresses and tensions that come with busy lifestyles and giving us a space to reflect on the mind as well as the body.


Reflexology can induce a deep state of relaxation, which improves the effectiveness of the treatment. Relaxing helps relieve tension and aids circulation, increasing the flow of nutrients, oxygen and energy to all parts of the body, and helping with the removal of toxins.


While it is not a cure, Reflexology can be particularly helpful in managing many health conditions, especially constant or recurring ones that we might have come to accept overtime as being a normal part of life.

Fees & Availability

  • My services are £25.00 for an hour for all treatments unless specified otherwise
  • Indian Head Massage is £20.00 for 30 Minutes
  • I also offer a Mix and Match treatments so individuals can have two treatments as long as there are no contraindications

Please contact me for further information

Other Services

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing can be defined as an holisitic and natural therapy which looks at using crystals to work with the Chakras.

What to expect from a Crystal treatment

Prior to a treatment taking place a consultation takes place to ensure that you are suitable for the treatment

Treatments are performed in a Tranquil setting, individuals are fully clothed and have the choice to lie on a bed or to sit in a chair. The therapist will use intutition and discussion with yourself of where there may be an blockage in the Chakra

The aim of the treatment is to restore balance and promote wellbeing and optimize health and wellbeing.

The treatment is fantastic for stress relief.

Each individual has different experiences of crystal healing testimonals are i felt very calm, relaxed and increased sense of wellbeing

Treatments last an hour

Please DM or Telephone for further information

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a therapy using hot stones to work to reduce pain and inflammation in the body that may be caused by rheumatic conditions, arthiritis and many more.

What to expect from a Hot stone treatment

The treatment usually involves an individual lying on a bed, removing clothing and remaining in there underwear, all individuals are covered in a towel to protect there dignity.

The stones are usually heated up and once warm will be placed on the appropriate area, stones will also be used to massage the area. Treatments usually take up to an hour

Benefits of Hot Stone massage

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • May reduce stress and tension
  • May reduce muscle tension and pain using heat to reduce pain and tension
  • Promotes sleep - research in 2006 found that massage may be used as an alternative to sleeping tablets in adults.

Please DM or telephone for further information

Hopi Ear Candling

Hopi ear candling is a natural treatment using the use of ear candling to provide a relaxing treatment

What to expect during a Hopi Ear Candling

Individuals will usually lie on a bed fully clothed, a consultation form will be completed to ensure that the treatments are suitable for yourself

A candle will be placed in both ears.

Benefits of Hopi Ear Candling

  • It may reduce cattarh
  • Creates General relaxation
  • Improves health and wellbeing.
  • If individuals are experiencing ear, nose and throat problems GP consent will be required
  • The treatment usually takes 30 minutes

Please DM or Telephone for further information

Crystal Facial

Crystal Facial is an holisitic therapy treatment which involves placing crystals on the face.

What to expect from a Crystal facial

The treatments take up to 1 hour individuals lie on a bed fully clothed and appropriate crystals are placed on the face (for example, Rose Quartz).

Benefits of Crystal Facial

  • It may reduce wrinkles
  • It may firm and Hydrate the Skin
  • It aims to rejuvenate the Skin

Please DM or telephone for further information

Maternity Reflexology

Maternity reflexology is a specialist form of reflexlogy supporting parents to be during pregnancy and labour and post natal care. Reflexology aims to relax the body during pregnancy creating a state of harmony and during labour and after the birth.

What to expect from a Maternity reflexolgy treatment

The treatment usually involves an individual lying on the bed and removing there foot wear

The therapist will then work specific pressure points on the feet. The treatment lasts for at least 1 hour

Benefits of Maternity reflexology

May help with constipation, heartburn and indigestion

May help with Back Pain, Pubis Discomfort and General Body aches.

May help with Sleep difficulties

May help with General relaxation

Please DM or telephone for further information

Facial Reflexology

Facial reflexolgy is a treatment involving using pressure points on the face.

This treatment is an holisitic treatment and takes up to 1 hour.

The individual will remain fully clothed whilst lying on a bed. Specific pressure points will be pressed.

Benefits of Facial Reflexology

  • It aims to reduce eye pressure
  • It aims to clear the mind
  • Relieves pressure around the eyes and the nose.

Please DM or Telephone for further information

Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage

Neck Shoulder and Back massage is a massage of these areas.

What to expect from a Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage

The individuals will lie on a couch, removing there upper clothing, they will then be covered with a towel whilst certain areas are being worked

The treatment lasts for up to 1 hour

Benefits of Neck, Shoulder and Back

May reduce tension and Stress

Improves wellbeing

Helps with Muscular Tension and releases any knots in the Neck and shoulder area

Please DM or telephone for further information

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage involves a massage of the Head and neck area

What to expect from an indian head Massage

The individual will sit in a chair and remain fully clothed

The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes

Benefits of Indian Head Massage are

May help increase Blood Flow to the head

May help with Hair Loss by stimulating Hair Follicles

May help reduce headaches and eye strain by working on specific pressure points

Please DM or telephone for further information

Cold Stone Massage

Cold stone massage is a massage involving cold stones

The individual will lie on a bed and remove certain clothing.

Benefits of Cold stone Massage are:

reduces swelling

May help with Pain

Encourages circulation

May help reduce soreness.

May help with inflammation

Hot Stone Foot Reflexology

Hot stone Foot Reflexology

This treatment involves using hot or cold stones on the Feet as part of a reflexology treatment

Individuals will remain fully clothed on the bed removing there shoes and socks

Benefits of Hot stone foot reflexology

May help reduce stress

May encourage relaxation

May help improve immune system and overall health and wellbeing

Treatments last for 1 hour and cost is £25.00

Please DM or contact 07729620446 for further information

Functional Reflex Therapy

Functional Reflexolgy

This treatment is a treatment using reflex points on both the hands and the Feet

It is widely used for people with communication problems, dementia and Autism and Learning Disabilities.

It involves using a rainbow routine

Excellent for stress relief and General relaxation

Treatments are £20.00 for 20 minutes

Functional reflex therapy workshops

This involves a workshop for informal carers to show them the routine which they can use on the loved ones.

Workshops are two sessions for 2.5 hours either on a Saturday morning or Thursday evening Please DM for further information or please ring 07729620446

Crystal Reflexology

Crystal reflexology

is a reflexology Treatment using Crystals during the treatment

A standard reflexology treatment using Crystals as an additional routine by working specific points on the foot, aiming to balance the Chakras on the Feet.

The treatment lasts at least 1 hour and is completed lying on a bed

Cost is £25.00 per session

Please DM or contact 07729620446

Reflexology for Stress

Reflexology for Stress is a treatment of the foot

Having a standard reflexology treatment. The Treatment then focuses on specific area which will help with the reduction of stress

For example, The Brain area, The Gut and Bowel, The Adrenal, Kidneys, and many more and working the toes for the Energy routine

The Treatment is a powerful treatment, yet beautiful and relaxing and has a massive positive impact on the emotional and physical wellbeing of the client

The Treatment lasts at least 1 hour and is £25.00 per session

Please DM or contact 07729620446



Get in touch

I am based in Chester and see clients from nearby areas for example Wrexham, Deeside, Connahsquay, Ellesmere Port and Flintshire, Nantwich, Northwich etc.

I work a number of evenings per week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday between the hours of 5pm to 9pm and offer a daytime service on a Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 9.30am to 5pm. Home visits available in the surrounding areas to find out more about this or to enquire about bookings, call me on 07729 620446 or using the secure form

Frequently asked questions

How many treatments will I need?

Everyone is different and the response to Reflexology can be immediate or sometimes take longer than one appointment, but often benefits can be seen after 4-5 sessions. Regular weekly treatments are best for the body properly beginning the self-healing process, and following an initial consultation, I will suggest the number of Reflexology sessions I think we should undertake.

What are your fees and availability?
  • My services are £25.00 for an hour for all treatments.
  • Indian head massage is £20.00 for 30 Minutes.

Consulation form to be completed prior to any treatments.

Please contact me for further information.

Can you diagnose my health problems?

Reflexologists cannot claim to diagnose or cure, but during treatment, we get 'feedback' as to which parts of the body are working well and which are not. Sometimes Reflexology will highlight a specific area that is struggling or working hard to maintain your wellbeing; if a particular reflex point shows this kind of reaction I'll discuss it with you at the end of the session.

What happens in a treatment? Do I need to undress?

Reflexology is performed entirely on the feet, ankles or hands, so the most you’ll have to do is take off your socks and roll up your trousers! During the treatment the client lies on their back on a reclining chair, supported by pillows and covered with a soft blanket to keep them warm.

And don’t worry - reflexology doesn't tickle! Many clients come to me with ticklish feet or worried about their feet being touched, but find they can relax and enjoy the benefits of Reflexology.

Does reflexology hurt?

You might find some areas feel sensitive to the touch, but Reflexology does not involve hard pressing in the way something like a sports massage might. As a therapist, I will be aware of the status of your feet, noticing how they feel, the temperature and the colour. All these things play a part in understanding which areas of your body - as reflected through your feet - require a bit more care and attention.

Should I keep on having Reflexology?

Individuals do enjoy a specific treatment and it is dependendant on there choice. but after an initial course of treatment many people choose to check in monthly for a top-up, to help maintain their general wellbeing, or as a scheduled 'de-stress. Other clients will get back in touch if they start feeling aches and pains, arranging treatments as and when they need them.

What my clients say...